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who missed me


New member
you did cheat on ultra tho, if I'm not wrong me and raze banned u for cheating while ss.
I got banned a few times, not for autoclicker. Always reach and I did have proof of me not cheating cuz i recorded all of my fights cuz i knew i was getting banned. I was still getting ssed while I was in the ss team, like i was ssed over 50 times in like 2/3 months


New member
I was late in the season cuz i quit for like 10 months so there were no events anymore so just doing wagers atm


Everyone who played the server actively, cheated at some point. It's just a fact. SSing on OPCraft is just stupid. The people who wanted SSing added were the people who had a client that would bypass the eyes of some random moderator that only knows how to check file directories.