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Skyblock Cloud: Season 2 | May 11th @ 3PM EST!


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Greetings OPCrafters!

I’m pleased to announce that Skyblock Cloud will be releasing this Saturday, May 11 at 3 PM EST. Hope you are excited for an action packed map!

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Trailer Information

Before jumping straight into post, we suggest watching our trailer to get a feel of what to expect for our upcoming skyblock season.

Do note that uploading the trailer and achieving 50 views or more on the upload will go ahead and get you a Legendary Crate Key and much more. Join our Discord if you have further questions.

Realm Information

Skyblock Cloud Release - Season 2, Saturday May 11 @ 3:00 PM EST/5:00 AM AEST/8:00 PM BST

Server Events
As of this release, we will be starting weekly events. Our team has been working day and night to provide our players with some of the best content available. Below you will the list of events we plan to hold:

  • • Base Competition
  • • Fortress
  • • Staff vs. Players
  • • Kill The Carrier
  • • Parkour Events
  • • And more…

What’s new on Skyblock Cloud?

Track the in-game server statistics of anyone on the server including yourself. Includes time online, kills, deaths, time spent AFK, sugarcane broken, and more...

Gambling Leaderboards
View your wins, losses, and total participation in your day to day gambling addiction!

Island Bank
View, deposit, and withdraw money from your selective island bank account.
  • • /island withdraw (amount)
  • • /island deposit (amount)
  • • /island storage (view the total amount your island bank has)

Island Vault
Your very own team island vault. Share the wealth with your island members!
  • • Consists of 14 available storage slots

Island Name
Create your own skyblock legacy! Decide on a island name rather than just your basic username!

Public Warp and Inventory Showcase
Advertise your favorite warp in chat or your most exclusive items!

Abyss World
A brand new world created to make PvP much more exciting and introduce an early source of income for brand new players. Abyss will be the home of the Fortress Event which will be taking place every Saturday.
  • • A great way to make money for players who are starting off
  • • Public warp accessible to all players: /warp abyss
  • • Radius is 250 x 250
  • • PvP is fully enabled
  • • All commands work in this realm, no restrictions

An event that will take place every Saturday. Fortress is located in the heart of the Abyss World. The idea behind this event is to capture it. In order to win the event, you must take control of the cap-zone and hold it for a combined total of 500 points. Every second that you hold the cap-zone, you will be granted 1 point.

  1. • An island members death will result in -35 points
  2. • Your island can go below 0 and into negative numbers during this event
  3. • A player will continue gaining points until he/she has been fully knocked from the point. If a user is knocked and can’t reclaim the capzone again within 20 seconds, they will begin to lose points, 1 point per second.


And here’s to the ending of this announcement post. Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoyed the trailer. We are stoked for our new season of Skyblock and we hope you are as well. With that being said, we will see you this Saturday over on Skyblock Cloud at 3 PM EST!
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