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Accepted Rank Application - IBangedUrSister

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What rank are you applying for?:

What is your age?:

Whats your IGN?:

What is your gender identity?:

What country do you live in?:
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Do you have a YouTube or Twitch channel?:

Do you have a microphone/headset?:
Yes indeed i do.

Why do you want this rank?:
There have been so many cheater lately especially in this season , i want to make a change rather than trying to get a admin on to ban or screenshare someone. Ive developed a nice relationship with the players on this server so i think im qualified and responsible enough to become a Helper. Ive also been staff on servers such as Hazepvp , Reborncraft and Chaoticpvp. Im really good at screen-sharing considering ive been doing that for probably half of my time spent playing minecraft ,
ive seen many hacked clients and ghost clients within the years and how they developed so im pretty sure i can clear alot of cheaters on this server.

How do you think you can assist the server if you become this rank?:
Im always on discord , literally pming me is the way to go and ill get on and help out , ill try my best to record every single cheater and get them banned , ill help out people in the chat who are in dire need of it cause after all , this is the role i signed up for in hopes of actually being useful and helping out the server with the skills i have gotten throughout the years of playing this game. Im pretty active ingame too , im almost always on and not to mention im also EU , so considering the server is NA i hope that the timezone switch will be a win-win situation for both me and the other staffs included in the staff team.

Explain some cases in which you would perm-ban/temp-ban people:
Okay so first
Definition : its when someone posts an ip address that isnt related to the opcraft server.
Example : [Default] rebel145 : come join my server 125.134****
Punishment : Id first clear chat , mute the player and get an admin to perm ban him
Commands : /mute [player] [time]

-Indirect Advertising
Denfinition : a slick way of advertising that actually works with a larger player base
Example : [God]Beckay234 : Hey guys come on OPCRAFT ! heard its a cool server
Punishment : Id first warn the player , if he keeps continuing i will mute him.
Commands : /mute [player] [time] , /warn [player]

Definition : its when you use illegal modifications such as a hacked client.
Punishment : Id record the player , get a mod to make sure hes placed in a "holding ban" for 48 hours until the admins/managers review the video.
Commands : /tempban [player] [time] , /ban [player] [time] ,

Definition : its when a player sends 3 messages within one chat view
Example : [Default] Raas__ : Hey guys how are u today , Hey 666km im doing fine , Hey UberSupport !
Punishment : Id warn the player and then tempmute him for 10 mins
Commands : /warn [player] , /mute [player] [time]

-Chat flooding
Definition : its similar to spamming , its when you dont wait some time til posting a second message.
Example :[Default] lICKSs__ : 1,2,3,4,5,6
Punishment : The same as spamming , id warn the player and then mute him
Commands: /warn [player] , /mute [player] [time]

-Suspicious links
Definition : when a link is posted that isnt regarding the opcraft server , instead it might be a potential virus or keylogger
Punishment : id personally insta mute the player just cause i think its such a messed up thing to do.
Commands : /mute [player] [time]

-Mute evasion
Definition : Its when you're muted by a staff member and yet you still go on an alt and start bypassing the mute
Punishment : if the player is caught ill make sure to inform a higher role to ban the account for 20mins.
If you have over 5+ alts logged to mute evade you will be banned by a Admin or Manager
Commands : /tempban [player] [time]

-Staff disrespect
Definition : its when you're constantly throwing insults at a staff member
Punishment : personally , i have a thick skin but if it gets out of hand id first warn the player and then mute him for 15mins , if he keeps it will follow up to an hour (15,35,45,1h) if he keeps on going ill inform a higher role to ban him for 2 weeks
Commands : /ban [player] [time] , /tempmute [player] [time] , /warn [player]

-Purchase trolling
Definition : when a player decides to buy another player a lower rank than they already had
Punishment : id try to inspect around and report it to a manager , getting the player that did the wrong-doing banned from the networks store

-Leaking personal information :
Definition : leaking something regarding someones ip , where they live or anything related to real life.
Punishment : id screenshot the player leaking personal information , clear the chat and tempmute him , inform a higher role to ban the player for 2 weeks , if the player still didnt learn his lesson he will later be banned for a month and then blacklisted (3 strike rule)
Commands : /mute [player] [time] , /clearchat , /ban [player] [time]

-Staff impersonation :
Definition : its pretty self explanatory , you're basically impersonating someone regarding their personality and ign.
Example : [Immortal] IceyTV : Hey everyone ICEYTV HERE !
Punishement : Id instantly tempmute the player , without any warnings , if he keeps on going ill mute him for 30 and then inform a higher role if he doesnt staff to get him banned for 2 weeks (3 strike rule)
Commands : /mute [player] [time] , /warn [player] , /tban [player] [time]

Excessive racism :
Definition : being extremely racist to players to the point u actually mean it.
Punishment : id first warn the player , tempmute him first for 10mins if he continues it will go up to 60mins (20,30,40,50) and then inform a higher role to ban him for 2 weeks if he doesnt stop
Commands : /warn [player] , /mute [player] [time] , /ban [player] [time]

Command spam :
Definition : when a player sends up to 3 commands within a small timestamp
Example : /tpahere IBangedUrSister , /tpahere IBangedUrSister , /tpa IBangedUrSister
Punishment : the player will receive a warn , then a kick , if he keeps on going it will be a temp ban
Commands : /warn [player] , /kick [player] , /tempban [player] [time]

Have you been in trouble before, and if so why?
Yes i have , i got banned 8 months ago for using anti kb :
, ive been clean ever since

Tell us a little bit about yourself:
Im from Georgia , Atlanta , i moved to Bosnia and Herzegovina around May 2010 , im just a typical teenage boy living his life , i know 6 languages : english , bosnian , croation , montenigrin , serbian and slovenian. Im 15 years old and my name is Ismar , and although im in my first year of highschool i still try my best to get on my pc and play some games whether its minecraft or league :D

What makes you unique and different from other applicants.
My personality most likely , i banter around (some might see it as me being toxic i think) but i usually have a great relationship with everyone else. Im pretty idiotic and i troll alot , and i mean it. I try my best to make someone laugh cause it makes me happy at the same time , especially when someone has been feeling down lately , im always there to help :3

Do you have any past experiences being staff on OPCraft? If so please explain.
No i havent , i actually got denied a week ago , but i hope a chance givin to see what the journey holds !

A 2FA compatible device is required to be a staff member on OPCraft, do you agree you have and can setup 2FA on all your OPCraft accounts?

Will you be able to meet the 24 hours a week activity requirement?
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Run it through a program (there are tons)
Reread the rule and figure out what you did wrong.
Lol sorry , just thought if u would say the grammar is bad u would give me an example on what i should fix , dont know what example would i put for spamming cause i dont want to actually spam the thread :v overall ty for taking ur time to rate it !


+1 for the following reasons;
  • All rules were listed
  • Took time into app/ Showed effort
  • Lot of detail
  • Good grammar
Best of luck


Hey friend!

Your app was very well made but I have to give it a -1 for the following..

  • Incorrect Rules
  • In game toxicity


Hey friend!

Your app was very well made but I have to give it a -1 for the following..

  • Incorrect Rules
  • In game toxicity
how are my rules incorrect ? spent hours making sure its all correct , it even goes by the same order....and looking at ur history makes me question the irony of u calling me toxic xD
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Your toxic af dont act nice to be staff on this server. Dont act to not hacking because your hacking harder then MFOv. Your toxic and salty and doesnt deserve to be staff. Fuck off from trying to be staff.




Your toxic af dont act nice to be staff on this server. Dont act to not hacking because your hacking harder then MFOv. Your toxic and salty and doesnt deserve to be staff. Fuck off from trying to be staff.
He isn't toxic at all, you just never go on the server probably, he also doesn't hack at all.

"Sabotaging Applications / Appeals: Please don't make up any lies/hate or get everyone to "hate" against someone if they apply or appeal. Everyone should have a chance at being a staff member no matter what, We love for people to express their opinions but if you don't have something nice to say please don't say it as it will only cause drama that isn't needed here."

Stop spreading rumors only because you hate him, honest to god. The fact that he kills you once or more doesn't mean he hacks.
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