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Accepted Rank Application - Caddu

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What rank are you applying for?:

What is your age?:
14 (15 in 4 days)

Whats your IGN?:

What is your gender identity?:

What country do you live in?:
United States

Do you have a YouTube or Twitch channel?:

Do you have a microphone/headset?:


Are you currently staff on a different server or platform?


Why do you want this rank?:

I feel like being staff on such a great server can benefit me and the whole community. I love helping out with everyone. I have great experience being staff which is nice. I also am a very responsible person overall in general. In general, I would love to be staff on this server for the sole reason of kindness. I love to help people whenever I can, whether it's on the forums or in-game, I would be more than happy to help you out when a player or fellow staff team member needs. I know how to handle a large server as I've dealt with being an administrator on a 1000+ server. If I was to be staff I would give it my complete all. I would also want to be this rank to make some new friends with the community and the staff team. The staff team is very wonderful people and I would love to get close to them and be friendly. Also, being a helper would allow me to talk to way more people on the daily, I can speak to players when they need help or when they just want to have a conversation, I want them to feel welcomed here on OPCraft. Overall, I would love to be a helper for all the reasons stated above.

How do you think you can assist the server if you become this rank?:
Well as they all say, quality over quantity. I'm always putting hard work and trying my best to help players out! I'm always on task and won't joke around on the spot. I'm always striving hard and doing my absolute best I can be.

Forum Experience:
I'm used to XenForo forums as basically all servers I was staff on had XenForo. I know how to lock threads, ban advertisers/naughty forum users, sticky threads, and move threads to the appropriate spots.

This is a major factor in being staff. being responsible can make a vast impact on the community and the player that is seeking help. Overall I'm a responsible and caring person. I will never be lazy with my position.

Ghost Clients:

Ghost Clients, they're getting better and better as we speak. There are many tactics to finding these hidden clients, but I'm pretty good at finding them. I know many tactics to finding these clients and even tested it for myself, friends, and everyday ghost client users.

Hacked clients are also getting better and better. They're bypassing the Anti-Cheat plugin and blatantly cheating all over the server. Me being staff, I know most hacks people are using, either TriggerBot, Kill Aura, decreased velocity, auto pot, etc. Overall, I can tell a legit player from a hacker. This will keep the server clean and more people would want to join.

I know most commands on the server. I know TempBan, Ban, BanIP, Mute, Clear Chat, etc. I know how to use them accordingly, but of course, that's always up to the server rules.

For the most part, I get along with other people. I'm a very friendly and outgoing person. I would never try to start any conflict between me and another staff member or even a player. I would be as friendly as possible no matter what.

In my opinion, this is a huge factor in being staff. I would never lie to a fellow staff member or even a regular player. I would always be honest with my doings and never lie about anything. I'm a very honest person.

Overall, I'm a very respectful person. I respect everyone and I can respect staff decisions. I try to respect all players on the server and hopefully I get some respect back. Being nice and friendly with someone can impact someone's mood.

Toxicity is a huge problem in the Minecraft community. A lot of players love to say "L", "ez", or "quickied", etc. I, myself, would try my hardest to stop this toxicity. It may not be a rule but maybe if people start using "gf" or "gg" more people would start to do it. Of course, I can understand the occasional "L" but a lot of people take it to a whole new level.

If I was staff I would be super active at all times. I would be on every day for hours on end. I know a lot of players can't always be online, but I can. I just started to play Minecraft again and I plan on playing a lot now. Overall I'm super active. Here is a rough estimate of my playing schedule;
Monday-Thursday: 5-8 hours
Friday: 7-10 hours
Saturday: 9-12 hours
Sunday: 5-8 hours

I can always record using OBS or "Open Broadcast Software." I can record in high quality without lagging. This can be helpful if I overcome a hacker, ban the player, and then they appeal. I can upload the evidence and if it is sufficient proof it will be handled.

Explain some cases in which you would perm-ban/temp-ban people:
Hacking is when a player has a certain client/macro which gives an unfair advantage to another player. If a player was blatantly hacking, I would record and put them in a holding ban which can take up to 48 hours, after that a Mod+ will permanently ban the player.
/tempban (player) 2d Hacking (Kill Aura, Anti-KB, B-Hop, etc)

Advertising is when a player is saying a server IP in the chat trying to get players to join. They can say "Join for Admin!!" If I saw an advertiser I would mute them and then immediately show to higher staff so the player can be banned. This results in a permanent ban.

Indirect Advertising:
This is when a player is trying to be sneaky by saying "hey, join OPCraft" in chat, not saying an IP, I will first warn the player and then give it to a Mod+ so they can look into it.
/warn (player) Indirect Advertising
/mute (player) Indirect Advertising (2nd Offense)

Suspicious Links:
This is when a player puts a link in chat, it could be a screamer, inappropriate website, or even an IP logger. The only link you're allowed to post If a leader puts it in their /f desc then they will be warned. After 3 warnings the faction will be disbanded.
/mute (player) Non-OPCraft Links

Spam is when a player fills the chat and tries to chat many times at once.
If I saw someone spamming I would first warn them. If they continue the temporary mute would be 10 minutes and I would increase by 10 until it becomes an hour, then I would notify higher staff.
/warn (player) Spam
/tempmute (player) 10m Spamming (2nd Offense)
If they continue, it would increase by 5 minutes.

Staff Disrespect:
Staff Disrespect is when a player is disrespecting a staff member in chat.
If someone was disrespecting staff I would first warn the player. If they continue I would tempmute for 15 minutes and increase by 15 until it’s 1 hour then he will be banned for 2 weeks by higher staff.
/warn (player) Staff Disrespect
/tempmute (player) 15m Staff Disrespect (2nd Offense)

Leaking Personal Information:
This is when another player is leaking your information like your phone number, snapchat, skype username, etc. This is not tolerated and it can seriously affect someone else that doesn't want their privacy leaked.
A mod+ will tempban them for 2 weeks, then 1 month if they continue, then forever if they do it again.

Mute Evasion:
Mute evasion is when a player is avoiding their current mute. They can do that by using an alternative account. If I saw someone evading I would show a mod so they can /alts and see if he/she really is, if he is then he/she will be temporarily muted for 20 minutes.
A mod would tempmute the player.

Chat Flooding:
This would be if someone was spamming the chat with a message different from the recent message, flooding the chat. For example "a" "b" "c" "d" without waiting. First, I would warn them, if they continue, I would tempmute them for 10 minutes and I would increase it by 10 minutes until it hits an hour, if it doesn’t hit an hour I would notify higher staff.
/warn (player) Chat Flooding
/tempmute (player) 10m Chat Flooding (2rd Offense)

Server Drama and Hate:

If someone is causing hate to the server or causing drama in chat, I would report it to a manager+ so they can handle it accordingly.

Staff Impersonation:
Staff impersonation is when a player is pretending to be staff when in reality they're not.
I would tempute the player for 15 minutes, if he continues 30 minutes, if he continues after that I would contact higher staff so he can be banned.
/tempmute (player) 15m Staff Impersonation
/tempmute (player) 30m Staff Impersonation
If they continue, it would increase by 10 minutes, if they get to an hour, I would show a Mod+ so they can perm ban the player.

Purchase Trolling:
This is when another player purchases a rank lower than the other persons rank causing an issue to the staff on OPCraft. This is not allowed, you will be banned from the server store and the server. I would contact a support manager, he will then ban you from buycraft.

Excessive Racism:
Racism is making fun of someone's race/belief. If I saw racism in chat I would warn the player. If they continue I would increase by 15 minutes and once it's an hour, they will be tempbanned from OPCraft for 2 weeks.
/warn (player) Racism
/tempmute (player) 15m Racism
If they continue, I will contact a Mod+ so the player can be tempbanned for 2 weeks.

Have you been in trouble before, and if so why?
I have never been in trouble before, and I've been playing for over two years, I always respect and follow all rules at all times.

Tell us a little bit about yourself:
I'm 14, turning 15 4 days.
I have a dog named Bella.
I have 2 sisters and 1 brother.
I have taken a break from Minecraft mainly because of school, that's the reason why I resigned, I am back and did well on all my final exams and my midterms. I have all of summer to put my effort towards the server.

What makes you unique and different from other applicants.
I've been staff on FadeCloud for over 1 year. I was an administrator. At the time it was averaging 800-1000 players a day and 1300+ on weekdays. I was able to handle it fine. I've also been staff on smaller servers, but not too big. Also, I have been staff on here, this is the last server I was staff on and all the rules that are given to us I already understand.

Whatever I do, I make it professional. I try my best at everything I do, I never act childish or silly. I am used to larger servers and can handle all the people that need help or calling for hackers, I am used to it. A lot of other applicants have never staffed on such a large server I have staffed on.

Do you have any past experiences being staff on OPCraft? If so please explain.
Yes, I was a helper in December, I had taken a break because I needed to focus on school and I wanted my grades to go up, I exceeded all my expectations in school getting a 4.0 my first year of High School and now I have all summer to dedicate myself towards the server.

A 2FA compatible device is required to be a staff member on OPCraft, do you agree you have and can setup 2FA on all your OPCraft accounts?

Will you be able to meet the 18 hours a week activity requirement?

Do you have any past experiences on another staff team? If so, who would you recommend us contact for information about you while on the staff team? (Reference must still be on the staff team)
I was an admin on Fadecloud, it was a very large server at the time with around 1.2k players daily, the server downhill when one of the co-owners left, griefed the server, and made his own server, the server is still alive with around 600 players daily but sadly there are no current staff members you can reach out beside the current owner, DaddyMew, which I have no contact with at the moment as I deleted him on skype.
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Hello there, Caddu.
I have thoroughly read over your application and rate it +1 for the following reason(s):

  • Your application has all the necessary details and essential information required to right a great application.
  • You have incorporated all of the server rules correctly with the ingame server commands you'd execute as a Helper.
  • This is, in fact, one of the best applications I have read in a long time, well done!
Good Luck! :)

Best Regards.


Hello there, Caddu.
I have thoroughly read over your application and rate it +1 for the following reason(s):

  • Your application has all the necessary details and essential information required to right a great application.
  • You have incorporated all of the server rules correctly with the ingame server commands you'd execute as a Helper.
  • This is, in fact, one of the best applications I have read in a long time, well done!
Good Luck! :)

Best Regards.
Really glad to hear such a nice comment, thanks Daddy!


Well-Known Member
Greetings @Caddu,

Thanks for applying and congratulations! Your application is accepted. Please join our teamspeak server ( within the week for an interview, If you cannot make it please message a manager before the week is over to arrange another time.

See you there!
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