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Information OPCraft Screensharing Policies

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Last Updated August 20, 2019

OPCraft Screensharing Policies​

  • Logging out while frozen, modifying/deleting files or clearing your recycle bin will result in a permanent ban.​
  • If you clear your download and browsing history before a screenshare you will be removed from our network.​
  • Restarting or ending any processes before a screenshare will result in a permanent ban.​
  • You must give mouse control when being screenshared.​
  • If you are caught with possession of any databases related to minecraft, IP lists, any sort of file containing information of another player, or any illegal activities, you will be permanently banned ingame without the ability to purchase an unban.​
  • If you are unable to download programs because you lack administrative permissions, or have disabled certain actions with downloading programs you will be banned.​
  • If we find out that there is the possibility of trying to hide files, or modifying them in a way that will potentially bypass the screenshare, you will be permanently banned.​
Not open for further replies.