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OPCraft Revamp


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Hey everyone,

It has finally arrived! OPCraft 3.0 is finally here and we hope you are as excited as we are for the start of a new adventure. The release will be at 5PM EST on Saturday the 15th of August and will open with Skyblock, Prison, and KitPvP.

We have completely revamped the Hub server for a fresh new look when players join the server whilst also going back to the more classic Hub build! We feel that the old Hub looked far nicer and was much more in line with how the server should feel, and we hope you feel the same.

We're open to adding plenty of new features to the Hub so make sure to put your suggestions in on our
Discord and we'll work on implementing the most popular ideas.
This is a large concern for a lot of players, and we hope to calm those who are worrying. We concluded that the previous rank structure had too many ranks in it, which lead to plenty of confusion and a small differential between each rank. So, we have decided to reduce the number of ranks from 12 to 6. We will ensure that everyone's ranks are correctly adjusted and that everyone is fairly compensated. Along with this, ranks will also remain as global ranks so that you can enjoy the perks of your rank on every server on OPCraft. No-one will be downgraded ranks, if a player had a rank that is now removed it'll be upgraded to the next rank.
Here are the details for conversion from the old global ranks to the new global ranks.

The new global ranks are as follows:

If you have any queries or issues, then please make a ticket on our Discord and we will assist you as soon as we can.

Overpowered Rank
The monthly subscription rank has been temporarily removed from the game. This is because its focus was on cosmetic content and at the current time our focus is on game content rather than adding cosmetics for a monthly subscription rank. It may return in the future if we feel it has a place. We will keep you updated with our decision process when the time comes.


With our Skyblock server, we have attempted to take a completely different approach. We see the classic complaints, and short cummings, of a normal Skyblock server and have attempted to make it more interesting, which means rather than being an “AFK Simulator” we’ve attempted to go for a more user-oriented experience.

So how have we done this? Well, firstly we have three currencies in the game. There is money, souls, and upgrade coupons.
Money is earned by farming, selling items to the shop, and auctioning items to other players.

Souls and upgrade coupons are both used for lots of different types of upgrades. Souls are a virtual economy than can be used for whatever upgrades you choose. You can earn souls by killing mobs found at spawn, and from spawners.

We may add more ways to collect or spend all the different economies in the future, so keep an eye out!

Then we have also changed the island top from a block-oriented system to a new island bank-oriented system. The island bank is a shared pool of money that all island members can contribute to. However, once you’ve put money into the bank it cannot be withdrawn! This means that when an island is deleted all the money in the bank is lost. The benefit of moving away from the block-oriented system is that the game is no longer players AFKing spawners all the time, just to use special hoppers, or spam commands, then spend all their playtime placing blocks into infinite stacks. We hope that this will give you more time to enjoy the game and play the features we create.

We will be adding lots of new content that separates us from other servers! Some of these are cobble boxes, an item that acts as a standard cobble gen, they will come in multiple sizes and will be purchasable using in-game currencies as well as crates. You will be able to allocate points to different types of ores to increase the generation of that ore as well as increase the speed of the ore generation.

We will also be adding generators! These passive items will generate money for you passively. You will be able to upgrade each generators, speed, storage, and efficiency using souls making it better and produce even more money! You will be able to merge two tier 1 generators into a tier 2 generator and so forth!

Finally, we are also going to be releasing the network with a new, custom Prison server. You can join gangs and play with friends to try and be the highest-ranking, and the highest prestige on the server! There’s private mines, boosters, and custom omnitool enchants. Use the tokens earned from mining to upgrade your pickaxe and grind through the ranks.

You can upgrade your backpacks to hold more items making mining quicker and more efficient, you will be able to upgrade your backpack with several types of enchants such as auto sell and sell multi, increasing the amount of money you earn while mining! You can upgrade the total capacity of your backpack at /enchant or /etshop.

This prison will feature Personal Mines! Players can hide away from the rest of the server and have a whole larger mine to themselves! You can whitelist players to your mine, set taxes as well as chose the block type that you want to mine in your Personal Mine! You will also be able to upgrade your PMine to give you increased etokens, money and XP!

Quarries are an item that you can place in your Personal Mine, these will mine and generate etokens for you for doing nothing! You can win these from various types of crate keys and you can upgrade them by giving them different types of drill bits to increase the speed of the quarry as well as how much it earns!

Robots are a passive way to earn money overnight and while you're hard at work grinding! There are multiple tiers of robot that you can place at your plot, they will generate you money and etokens passively! You can upgrade your minions with beacons to make them generate faster as well as increase their storage or you can unlock better minions by winning them from different types of crate keys!

There are also paths that you as a player can take, researching different skills such as miner, luck, as well as pet. As you level all these up you will get different types of buffs and perks. For example buffing miner will increase your etokens gained, money gained and pickaxe xp and much more. To find a full list of all the buffs do /path ingame to find out!

We have plenty planned for Prison to look forward to. So, keep the suggestions coming and we’ll keep adding new content for you all to enjoy.

Now let’s get started by talking about the brand new KitPvP server we are bringing to OPCraft. To get started you must select a kit from the small initial selection, then drop down into the PvP arena and start killing other players! The more players you kill the more gems you get, and thus the more kits you can unlock. You can bounty your most challenging rivals to get help from others in the community, and gamble away the gems you earned back at spawn!

In addition to this, we have also added a duelling system so you can challenge your friends to more personal battles to decide who's the best! For duelling you can choose between Gapple PvP, No Debuff PvP, Debuff PvP, Soup PvP, Diamond PvP, and Iron PvP. So that there is plenty of variety for challenging your friends where you feel strongest.

Finally, we also have a permanent "Last Man Standing" event running on KitPvP. This means that the person who has been in the arena for the longest receives a permanent gem boost for killing other players. However, this also comes with the disadvantage of your location being easily found and having a large target on your back.

We’re all aware that many of the players love Factions and Ultra OP Factions. We decided to delay the release of these servers so that we could re-invent the gamemodes to make it the most enjoyable for everyone to play. We hope you understand and can be patient with us whilst we work hard on re-inventing the gamemodes you know and love.

We will release an announcement in the new future with more details about our plans for Factions.
Keep watching our Twitter, Discord, and Forums for future bug fixes, updates, and events coming to OPCraft soon. I hope you enjoy the release!
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