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OPCraft 2.0 - Stage 4 | Skyblock Cloud: Season 4 | September 14th @ 3PM EST!


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We’re pleased to announce that Skyblock Cloud will be releasing this Saturday 14th September. We hope you are excited for a much smoother, thrilling map this reset!


Skyblock Cloud Release - Season 4, Saturday, September 14th @ 3:00 PM EST/5:00 AM AEST/8:00 PM BST


Throughout the entirety of last season, we hosted multiple events like LMS and Simon Says, both of these were a massive success and we can not wait to show you what else we have behind the scenes. Some teasers for the events you can expect to see over the course of this season can be seen below:
  • • Simon Says
  • • Island Competition
  • • Last Man Standing
  • • Staff VS Players
  • • Weekly Key-alls
This season we have decided to reuse our old spawn, due to the fact that Season 3 has not been as long as usual seasons, and that we have had good reviews from our players!


Global Ranks
We have brought back global ranks for all players to enjoy! Make sure to read #news in to find out to redeem your old rank(s) & more information on releases!

Island Prestiging
You can now prestige your island using /is prestige! You will gain things such as permanent boosters & much more!

Player Shops
You can now set up your very own shop in /warp mall to sell your goods to other players!

Buffed Mining Trips
Due to popular request, we have decided to severely buff mining trips to give you a large amount of profit during the 10 minutes you spend in the mining world, it now tracks profit, blocks mined & time spent in the world! You are estimated to gain around 750k from one trip!

Player Upgrades System
For this season, we have thought long & hard about how we can create content to suit our server style, and here we have the Player Upgrades System! Running the command /player or /playerupgrades will allow the player to upgrade the following things for themselves:
  • • Health/Hearts Upgrades
  • • Personal Sell Booster Upgrades
  • • Personal EXP Booster Upgrades
  • • Haste Boost Upgrades
  • • Enhanced Fly Speed Upgrades
  • • Enhanced Mob Drops Upgrades
Chat Colour
That's right! We have brought back Chat Color for donators, doing the command /color or /chatcolor will bring up several options for you to change your chat color to whatever you prefer!

Magic Tool Warning Drop
Now when you try to drop a magic tool, it will ask you to press your drop button again to confirm that you want to drop this item, this is to prevent players from accidentally losing their magic tools.

Increased the amount of Koths
We have upped the number of koths per week from once each day on the weekend to once every day in the week!

Redone Token Shop
We have completely overhauled the token shop, adding in brand new items & modified prices based on the items.

Brand new Crate & revamped all current crates!
As per popular request, we have modified all current crates to have better & updated rewards, along with higher chances of receiving those items! We have also created a brand new crate called the "Champion" Crate, which has extremely buffed loot & very worthwhile.

Spawner Stacking
We have increased the spawner stack cap to 120 from 60, this is to reduce lag & make players' grinders less of a hassle!

New /menu!
This season we have implemented /menu, a command which will bring up a GUI full of everything you could previously find in /spawn from the NPC's, this is to enhance Quality of Life on the realm!

XP & Sell Boosters
When money is running low, you need a backup plan. These boosters are the perfect way to get your balance looking healthy again. These boosters are purchasable from the server store and can also be purchased with gift cards.

Track the in-game server statistics of anyone on the server including yourself. Includes time online, kills, deaths, time spent AFK, sugarcane broken, and much more...

• /sstats (name)

Gambling Leaderboards
Who’s going to be the gambling king now? With gambling leaderboards, you will be able to brag about your addiction and compete with your rivals to claim the number 1 spot.

Island Bank
Sharing with your fellow islanders just got easier with these new commands. Deposit & withdraw money into your island and view your total balance.
  • • /island withdraw (amount)
  • • /island deposit (amount)
  • • /island storage (view the total amount your island bank has)
Island Vault
Along with the island bank, we are also introducing the island vault. With this new feature, you will be able to distribute your earnings and work your way up on the Island leaderboard.
  • • Consists of 14 available storage slots
Island Name
If you’re going to dominate the leaderboard then you need to make yourself known. Get creative with your island names but no inappropriate names please as they will be removed!

An event that will take place every Saturday. Fortress is located in the heart of the Abyss World. The idea behind this event is to capture it. In order to win the event, you must take control of the cap-zone and hold it for a combined total of 500 points. Every second that you hold the cap-zone, you will be granted 1 point.

  • - Your island can go below 0 and into negative numbers during this event
  • - A player will continue gaining points until he/she has been fully knocked from the point. If a user is knocked and can’t reclaim the cap-zone again within 20 seconds, they will begin to lose points, 1 point per second.
✤ Conclusion

We can’t thank you enough for all your continuous support, we’re finally happy to be able to release a brand new reset for Skyblock Cloud and kick-off something amazing with Stage 4 of OPCraft 2.0

Here's to another OPCraft Stage!