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Last Updated August 20, 2020

OPCraft General Rules​

General Spam:
Flooding chat unnecessarily with result in a warning/mute, this is counted as 4 or more lines of text in rapid succession or character spam.

Having the majority of a sentence or large words in capitals will not be allowed and will result in a mute.

You are allowed to say server names in public chat such as, (LOL you got ran off TestServer, that was funny). However, writing full IPs to servers such as will not be tolerated at all.

DDOS and Dox Related Activity:
We have a zero tolerance policy on this, if you are seen in public chat or DMs threatening or leaking other players IRL information that they DO NOT want public as per their request you will be blacklisted off the network. This also applies for DDos and Swat threats, if you are seen making these in chat we will punish you, this includes getting someone to do this for you. You cannot DDos, Dox or Swat.

Suicide and Death Threats/Wishes:
If you are seen wishing harm upon another player or encouraging them to self harm you will be muted. We don’t tolerate immature threats on the server and both pms, public chat and faction chat will be equally punished. Disclaimer, if providing proof take a picture of the entire chat.

Inappropriate and unrelated links:
If you are seen spreading unrelated or inappropriate links through public chat that may make certain players feel uncomfortable you will receive a mute. If this link happens to be an IP grabber or something similar this will escalate to a blacklist.

IRL Trading/Scamming:
You may not use OPCraft as a platform to advertise a sale for yourself for an unrelated server item, such as selling CSGO skins, minecraft accounts etc. However, selling items in-game for BuyCraft is allowed however, we will not take responsibility for if you are scammed or your item is lost.

Staff Disrespect:
We expect you to treat our staff members with respect, any harassment or constant targeting of a staff member is not allowed and will be punished fairly.

Hate Speech:
Using our server as a platform to spread hate speech or send messages targeted to a certain group or race.

Punishment Evading:
Evading an active punishment by using alts is not allowed and will extend your punishment, the only exceptions to this are bans for inappropriate skins or IGNs. Disclaimer, if you are caught evading punishment your punishment duration will escalate to permanent.

Unfair Advantage/Hacked Clients:
Using modules on a hacked client, macros, autoclickers, scripts or any mod that may not be listed below. If you have queries regarding if a mod is allowed pm a staff member. You may not be involved with a player who is hacking, such as supporting them hacking by providing materials for them to hack for your own advantage.

Exploiting/Abusing a Glitch:
Exploiting a glitch, bug or unfair method of gaining an advantage over other players is not allowed, the only exception to this is using hitboxes to bow players through walls. You cannot block glitch or pearl glitching, you cannot tp glitch.

If you chargeback you will be blacklisted permanently with no option to buy an unban. If another player buys an item on your behalf without your knowledge message an admin and we will resolve this however you must do this within 2 days of the purchase, if you have used the item and it is charge backed on, you must pay the full price before being unbanned.

Impersonating Redeemable Items:
Faking an item such as rank coupons etc by renaming them is not allowed and will be punishable.

Tampering With Evidence:
Altering evidence in any way will not be allowed, such as deleting ban evidence or altering an illegal cannon once higher staff arrive.

Lag Machines:
Creating a lag machine or helping create one will result in a ban

Hacking Accounts:
Hacking a players account in anyway will not be allowed. Disclaimer, if this is used to inside another faction, the insided faction will only get their value back once its found.

Using bots to automate tasks is not permitted, such things include auto selling, auto mining and auto fishing.

Cobble monstering:
You may not use or make a cobble monster.

Cobwebs at Koth:
You may NOT use cobwebs at Koth.

Freezing Your Client:
You may NOT freeze your client.

Staff Impersonation:
You may not impersonate other staff members in any way.

Punishment Evading:
Using schematica/genbuckets to trap players is not allowed, when in and out of combat.

Auto Selling:
Auto selling is not allowed, you must be active ingame when selling from chests; you must manually click each time.​
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