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NEW Ultra Release on OPCraft! 91% OFF SALE ACTIVE @

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NEW Ultra Release on OPCraft!

Hey everyone,

Today at 4 PM EST we will be releasing Ultra! If you have not already please follow us on Twitter at @OPCraft to get live updates and be notified when we do giveaways! Join our Discord to interact with our community at

April is going to be a crazy month of releases on OPCraft and we can’t wait to show you what we have in store for you. We’ve heard your suggestions and we plan to deliver beyond your expectations. Thank you all for continuing to supporting OPCraft!

What’s new with the Ultra release?
Old Style PvP, Kits & mcMMO is back!

That’s right! Stacked Armor and mcMMO is back! All pvp edits and kits have been reverted back to what they were a few seasons ago due to popular demand. We have kept the kit cost in order to maintain an economy. There are plenty of ways to make money around the server so it shouldn't be a problem! We have also added creeper eggs to the /oldgmc menu so you can grind your mcMMO skills like before!

New Spawn
We have had a brand new spawn built and it looks amazing! We have also had a large warzone built around spawn with terrain which is perfect for pvp and creative builds.

New Money Printers
Money printers have been revamped and there are now three tiers! Each tier has a different color, spawn rate, and max balance. You can acquire money printers by purchasing them on the store or winning them from the KoTH crate!

Revamped Crates
All crates have been designed from the ground up offering a better chance to gain high-value rewards!

Outpost is a new 24/7 event that we have on Ultra. While capturing the outpost your faction bank will receive $1,000 every 5 minutes. You must cap this outpost to 100% to receive the money, it stays with your faction until another faction contests your capture. You have to hold your ground!

New Envoy Drops
We have revamped the envoy drops to give better rewards and drop more often. You won’t want to miss one of these drops anymore! There are several tiers of envoy drops and each one offers a different set of loot.

Faction Vault
You now have a shared placeable faction vault. Your faction vault is a psychical chest that you place in your faction territory which can be accessed remotely by using /f vault. You can store anything in the chest, you can also configure in your f permissions who can access the vault in your faction!

Faction Bank
You now have a shared faction bank that you can withdraw and deposit money into, you can also configure in your f permissions who can withdraw from the bank in your faction!

Faction Missions
Faction missions are server-wide missions that factions compete towards to earn rewards! There are a variety of missions such as most kills, most blocks mined, most fish caught and more! The length of the mission is decided at random and the rewards are scaled towards the length of the mission. Grab your faction members and compete with other factions to win the mission!

Every 60 minutes the /jackpot will be drawn! You can enter with a fixed value and there are anti-sniping measures in place to prevent people from putting in large bets seconds before it draws. You have to be strategic with how much you gamble, you can only enter once!

Increased Nether & End Height
We have increased the nether and end ground height to 60.

20 Man Factions
We have raised the faction member limit to 20.

New Nether & End Spawn
A brand new spawn for nether and end has been built! We decided instead of using those same old small boxes we would get our build team to make two small spawns for the nether and end.

Faction Member Join Notifications
You can now toggle faction member join/leave messages with /f logins.

Ability To Remove KB
You can now remove knockback from any weapon by using /removekb.

New Anti-Cheat
We have worked hard on a new anti-cheat solution for our servers. We have had the new system on Factions Lava for a couple of weeks now, we’ve been experimenting there all season but we think in the last few weeks we have something that’s stopping blatant hacking.

Thanks to the testers!
  • ItzChilly
  • MrMajestic_
  • Gage
  • Lotho
  • Swaggles21

Enjoy the new server, everyone!

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Check out our donation store for more information!
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