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NEW Staff Updates on OPCraft!


Creative & Server Director
NEW Staff Updates on OPCraft!

Hey everyone,
To follow up on our announcement earlier this month, we said we had big changes coming and we are here to deliver one of the many exciting changes.

We have completely revamped the staff team and the processes behind it!

What’s been revamped?

- Staff ranks
- Staff guidelines
- OPCraft rules

The new staff rank hierarchy is as follows:
  • - Owner
  • - Manager
  • - Senior Admin
  • - Admin
  • - Senior Mod
  • - Mod+
  • - Mod
  • - Helper
To give more context to what has changed, some of our current staff have received different titles but still take on the same day-to-day duties. This new system offers a lot more opportunity for staff to climb up the ranks as well as brings a far more organized structure to the team. With a change like this, we are confident that it will be very beneficial to the growth of our overall staff team.

If you want to apply to the new and improved staff team feel free to apply @

Best regards,
OPCraft Management