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NEW Prison Aurora Realm Release: Season 1 | Saturday, October 12th



Hello everyone! 😎

We have an exciting release ready to show to you all! We have been extremely hard at work perfecting and testing the perfect prison server for our community, one that will have a lasting impact on our network and bring in new players to enjoy our fully customized new realm!

We'll be releasing a series of updates to the realm nearly everyday after the release on Saturday!

Obviously, with all releases, there will be bugs that even some of our best testers could not find, if you happen to stumble across any of these bugs, please open a ticket at immediately, you can do this by typing -new in the #support channel.

We hope you enjoy this release and stay tuned in our discord for more information on upcoming releases! 🥳


Customized rank-up system
To begin with, there will be 27 ranks, from A - Z, with the last rank being "Free", signifying that you are at the end of the the prestige. Each rank will have a higher price than the prior, each will also have a unique and custom mine with different ore percentages and sell prices.

There will be unlimited prestiges available to all players, however, this can only be accessed once you have reached the "Free" rank. Prestiging will increase the price of each rank-up by a static multiplier without increasing the sell prices of the ores at any type of mine. When you prestige, you will receive a prestige key, miscellaneous rewards and boosters, as well as whatever cell upgrade is available at your prestige. You will also be able to select 1/20 abilities at each prestige.

There will be multiple types of boosters available to all players on our store and in-game through various methods. The following will be available on our store, through crates, rank ups, and prestiging:

• Sell Boosters
• EXP Boosters
• Token Boosters

Custom Pickaxes
Custom pickaxes will allow you to customize and amplify grinding at your favorite mines on Prison Aurora. You can use this by right-clicking on your pickaxe, which will bring up a GUI with various upgrades, where you can purchase custom enchantments, prestige enchantments and much more!

Tokens are used to upgrade enchantments on your pickaxe. When mining, the chance of receiving tokens is relatively low, however, you can upgrade the chance to find tokens as an enchant on your pickaxe, called "Luck". There are several ways to obtain tokens, labeled here:

• Crates
• Prestiging
• Mining
• Raiding other prisoners/personal cells
• Trading in the marketplace with other prisoners

Custom Enchantments
There will be several types of custom enchantments for players to use on Prison Aurora, you can achieve these by right-clicking on your pickaxe to bring up a GUI, from there you can then choose which custom enchantment you would either like to put on your pickaxe or which enchantment to upgrade. Enchants that will be available on release include:

• Luck - Can increase your chances to find Tokens while mining in any A-Z mine.
• Jackhammer - Has the chance to mine out an entire layer of a mine in seconds.
• Speed - Increases your Speed (Level 1 & 2) when you have the pickaxe in your inventory.
• Bunny - Increases your Jump Boost (Level 1 & 2) when you have the pickaxe in your inventory.
• Explosive - Explodes nearby blocks when mining in any type of mine.
• Fast Miner - Increases your Haste (Level 1 & 2) when you have the pickaxe in your inventory.

Much more enchants to come throughout the season!

Prestige Enchantments
Prestige Enchantments are achieved by prestige points, which can be achieved by prestiging. Each time you prestige you are given a certain amount of prestige points depending on the level of prestige you've obtained. These points can then be used to purchase exclusive custom enchantments that will have a drastic impact on your performance and grind on the realm.

Backpacks are given to every new player upon joining the realm, they serve as a holder for blocks that the player has mined before they start appearing in their inventory, it can be used as an extra type of storage so you don't have to leave the mine and sell your blocks so repetitively.
Backpacks are upgradeable through the /backpack upgrade GUI.

Gangs is a system similar to creating a faction. Any player can create a gang and invite their friends to be at the top of the gangs leader board. Players at the top of the gangs leader board are eligible for certain rewards at the end of each week as well at the end of the season. This feature will be available on release, but further actions like raiding with your gang will not be available until the following week after release.

Personal Cells
This season, instead of having plots that players can claim for free, they will be given a cell, located in spawn, that is upgradable through our /cell upgrade GUI. From there, they can use this cell as a storage area for all their goods and items instead of player vaults. Cell sizes are standard as one, but upgrading your cell will upgrade your cell storage, cell door and your cell guard.

Cells will not be for selling goods and making trades. Our marketplace will be opening the week of October 14th, this marketplace will be similar to the mall on Skyblock Cloud.

We have introduced a banker, which will be located at spawn where you can deposit and withdraw money. The banker is similar to an IPA account. The more money you deposit to the banker will increase the daily percent gain from the banker, similar to an investment account. Beware though, when gangs can raid, the bank can be robbed. That gives the potential to lose everything you've invested into the bank!

DISCLAIMER: This will be releasing the week of October 14th.

✤ Conclusion

We have been hard at work perfecting this realm for you, we hope you enjoy it as much as we have while testing it! Hopefully, this is the next step into bringing a new level of content and fun to our community. Stay tuned for more information on upcoming releases this week and next! You guys will love what we have in store for next month!

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🎃 Keep your eye our for our Halloween spooky update coming out very soon!

Special thanks goes out to everyone who helped in the testing stage of this realm, you know who you are! ❤️
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