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NegativeRoze cheating


New Member

That's a link to a thread that the user "Shootar" posted. In the thread he explained how NegativeRoze wasn't cheating and the reach in the video was all because of latency. He also says that NegativeRoze has x10 my experience when it comes to pvp and that I'm trash in pvp. First of all I doubt that NegativeRoze has any experience when it comes to pvp because he's clearly using Reach.

I find it funny how Shootar called me out for using an Autoclicker when NegativeRoze clearly is using an Autoclicker in the video that got him banned. Under the whole video, NegativeRoze doesn't stop clicking a single time, watch it again, he's always clicking nonstop. Ontop of that you can see on NegativeRoze's combos that he's Autoclicking and that's not a debate. You can't call me out for using an Autoclicker when your buddy that got banned for cheating clearly is using an Autoclicker and probably Reach. If he wasn't using reach then his Ban still isn't a Falseban because Autoclicking is bannable for the reason "Cheating".

NegativeRoze is obviously using an Autoclicker in that video and that's not debatable. He's probably using reach as well because I've never seen anybody that just uses an Autoclicker be able to get multiple hits in one combo from like 6 blocks reach. Sometimes people get one hit from like 5 blocks in a combo because of latency but the last Combo that NegativeRoze got on me in the video was multiple hits from more than 3 blocks away.


I agree NegativeRoze was banned before for cheating doubt the kid comes back and is legit just like half the player base comes back and still cheats and Shootar needs to make the video unprivate