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Look at this shit.

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Issue Details: I got banned again for fucking ban evading, holy shit, understand this. I AM NOT BAN EVADING.
OPCraft#6399: Thanks for reaching out to us <@445369656761647135>! The staff will respond as soon as they're available. Please be patient.
1835#0447: 2 TIMES ALREADY
1835#0447: and ofc the monkey sr mod doesnt even NAME the "alt" im ban evading on.
1835#0447: smart guy
1835#0447: literally, I havent ban evaded.
1835#0447: The same account is getting me banned over and over,
1835#0447: I am not even fucking ban evading,
1835#0447: I dont even have the account linked to my ip I LITERALLY CHECKED,
1835#0447: My past 2 fucking tickets about this
1835#0447: 1835Yesterday at 3:11 PM
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just read over that,
its the convo me and belwoo had over the same issue.
@[Admin] belwoo
help me out g

[Helper] SeeTwistYesterday at 3:15 PM
<@!628015802016333824> if you are banned and have a account on the same ip even if it isn't your it is still considered ban evading.
But I don't know the whole situation so yes you will need to wait for a admin

1835Yesterday at 3:16 PM
No the thing is the same thing that happened before, and I got unbanned for it, the only thing is I got someone to paladin all the accounts on my pc thats linked to my pc, and that one doesnt even show up,
Thats why I am confused to why its on my ip,
But this happening a week ago by belwoo,
and I thought it got fixed,
And @[Helper] SeeTwist trust me I know all the protocols.

[Helper] SeeTwistYesterday at 3:17 PM

[Admin] belwooYesterday at 3:22 PM
<@!628015802016333824> Whats the alts name

1835Yesterday at 3:22 PM

[Admin] belwooYesterday at 3:22 PM

1835Yesterday at 3:22 PM
Same one as before
Ty @[Admin] belwoo

[Admin] belwooYesterday at 3:24 PM
Try connecting

1835Yesterday at 3:24 PM
Also if you can, idk if you already are, but can you unban the alts he banned aswell
Theres like 9 he did
And I logged on

[Admin] belwooYesterday at 3:24 PM
U dont have any alts banned
Unless ur using vpns?

1835Yesterday at 3:24 PM
Oh perfect
Cause he banned my alts that I had afking for my is
Banned for evading aswell
But they seem to be working now
so no worries
1835#0447: and then I got unbanned from that,
1835#0447: that was the second time
1835#0447: and that was the first
1835#0447: <@!376384517478416394>
1835#0447: if ur gonna false ban me for ban evading a third fucking time
1835#0447: put the name of the alt in the damn ban reason
1835#0447: <@!152458248069447680> how does this guy have srmod? he has got me false banned twice now.
DropYourPants#1683: <@!445369656761647135> I just got home and started playing what?
1835#0447: this is very confusing so, when you /alts my main account 1835, only a few things pop up,
1835#0447: but when u /alts my alts, like drois, kaladiza,
1835#0447: a bunch of random other accounts
1835#0447: I think bots or something like that
1835#0447: pop up for bans,
1835#0447: now I dont know why this is this case,
1835#0447: I have been talking to drop for a while now,
1835#0447: I think just check over all my nfas that I use to afk, and link them to 1835, and unlink them to whatever else is linked to it
1835#0447: cause i think since alts get reused in alt shops and shit,
1835#0447: those are connected with bots and stuff,
1835#0447: with the mass amount of bots that have been occurring recently wouldn't be surprised.
Azeroqz#9855: <@!214349657042714625> deal with this please.
1835#0447: fOr a sEcOnD tImE
1835#0447: third*
belwoo#0334: -close this isn’t where you appeal your ban.

This was my ban appeal that base designer denied, tell me if that was fair or not. he got mad cause I said staff are useless because belwoo couldnt unban me after the 3rd time he caused the same fucking thing to happen, a second, and a third time, fix the fucking server @Dylan @Ryan No point in @ing julian cause he doesnt give a fuck.
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