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Just an idea


Active Member
Sep 16, 2015
Hi, i’m Valiid, maybe you recognize me and maybe you don’t. i’ve been around for a while on this server and had an idea. I’ve been watching stuff that was recorded on this server a while ago and it really makes me want to get back into this game, i’m planning on coming back but i’m looking for people who’ve been around from way back then. I don’t even know if the server gets as many players anymore (no hate intended) but i really want to bring back the fun i once had on minecraft, not just for me but for other people as well. Maybe i’m the only one who’s been thinking about this but i figured why not give it a try. I’ve seen minecraft coming back to the top recently and might as well take advantage of it right? Who would actually be down though? If you’ll give it a shot just lmk buy replying to this thread :)
Jun 16, 2015
Yes this server has lost lots of players to the big servers and other new games coming out that peak their interest more then Minecraft. Why not come back and give it a shot though. Better to see if you still enjoy Minecraft or if you get bored