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How to Properly Report Rule Breakers

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In this guide the reports are going to be split into two types, where each report has its own method for reporting.

If you check out the server rules at, you'll see that those offences result in a warn, mute, kick, ban or other form of punishment. (Verbal warnings have recently been removed). The first type will be reports where the player would most likely only receive a warn, or a mute of <1h duration. The second type will be reports where the player would definitely receive a mute of >1h duration, or a ban. Now that you briefly understand the two types of reports, let's begin.


Type 1: Warns, Mutes <1h & Kicks
These types of reports would most likely result in the player only receiving a warn, a mute of duration <1h or a kick. Some examples would be spam, saying the n word, having an illegal /nick, AFK blocking sell signs on prison or encouraging rule breaking via global chat.

Checking, you will be able to see that a minor chat offence such as spam has its first offenceas a warn. Since it's first offence punishment falls under the Type 1 category (Warns, Mutes <1h or Kicks), you report these minor rule breakers, with evidence, by contacting online /staff in-game, right after the rule is broken. You do not report these in a player report or by creating a thread on the forums.

This is because forum reports take a longer time to be acted on by staff, since staff aren't always on the forums with minecraft at the ready to sort your report. And, once they do sort your report, the player would most likely have logged off. Issuing a Type 1 punishment while the rule breaker has already gone offline is pointless; giving a warn or a <1h mute while the rule breaker is offline does not make that rule breaker serve their punishment, they would most likely log on a few hours later or the next day, not even knowing they got punished. And you can't kick an offfline player. Therefore we don't accept Type 1 reports on the forums.

To report rule breakers whose punishments would be Type 1, if the offence is a chat offence, firstly you need to grab evidence for the minor offence. Press the F2 key, or Fn+F2 on a Mac, to take a screenshot. Upload this screenshot to a site such as PostImage and copy the link to the image you're provided with by the site. Then, send that link to a staff in-game. You can check which staff are online with /staff. Send them the link privately with /m along with an explanation of the situation.

You will need to send the full screenshot; it cannot be cropped. This helps ensure the full context of the situation is given, and that the incident happened on OPCraft.

You will also need to provide the rule breaker's real IGN in the screenshot evidence if they are nicked. You can tell that they're nicked if their IGN is coloured, has effects like bold, or has a ~ in front of it. There are two ways to do this:
Run the command "/realname <nickname>" and include the screenshot the results in the uploaded evidence. This can be shown in a separate screenshot, or in the same screenshot as the broken offence.
Hover over their nick while taking the screenshot, like this: . This can also be shown in a separate screenshot, or in the same screenshot as the broken offence, just make sure the GUI doesn't block the proof of the rule being broken.

After sending the evidence, ensure you get a reply. The staff member should then go on to review your evidence and then issue the appropriate punishment.

But if the Type 1 offence is not a chat offence, then simply contact a staff member in-game with /m and tell them to check it out. For example, a player AFK blocking a sell sign on prison requiring a kick. That's about it for reporting Type 1 rule breakers!

But wait, spam's first offence is a warn which makes it a Type 1 offence, but its 5th offence punishment is a 1d mute, making it no longer fall under Type 1! "Why do we still report this as a Type 1" you ask? Well, to save you the trouble of having to check the player's punishment history at, then having to deduce yourself whether they would end up receiving a 5th offence punishment (there's a complex way to deduce it, based on whether it's a mutable or bannable offence, based on the duration of the punishment etc.). Deducing that should be staff's job, so you'd classify Spam under Type 1 directly, just because its first offence falls under Type 1. Simple for you! So, you might as well just report it the way you report Type 1 punishments. This is why I italicised the words "most likely" above. They may end up receiving a non-Type 1 punishment, but you still report it using the Type 1 method. If you didn't understand this paragraph, feel free to ignore it. Just know that you classify your report type based on the first offence punishment of he rule broken.

TL;DR No. 1
Type 1 reports are punishments where the first offence of the broken rule would be a /warn, a /mute of duration <1h or a kick.

Report a Type 1 chat offence to staff in-game by taking a screenshot, then uploading the uncropped, full screenshot with the player's real IGN and sending the link over.

Report a Type 1 non-chat offence to staff in-game, right after the rule was broken, by simply sending them a message.


Type 2: Mutes >1h, Bans & Others
These types of reports would definitely result in the player receiving a mute of duration >1h, a ban, or a punishment that's non-Type1. Some examples would be hacking, tpa spamming, DDoS/DOX/Hack threats or having <15 chunks between faction lank claims (a Mannager will unclaim the land).

Checking, you will be able to see that a major offence such as hacking has its first offence as a 15d ban. Since its first offence punishment falls under the Type 2 category (Mutes >1h, Bans or Others), you report these major rule breakers by:
If it was a Type 2 chat offence like tpa spam, report it exactly like you would report a Type 1 offence.
If it was a Type 2 non-chat offence like hacking, then you can:
With or without evidence, contact an online /staff in-game, right after the rule is broken, to check out the offence and gather evidence + ban the player. Preferably contact a Mod+ who can directly run the /ban command without needing to ask other staff members to do so.
With evidence, submit a player report on the forums at

To report breakers whose punishments would be a Type 2 non-chat offence, by submitting a player report, you need to gather the evidence yourself. Firstly, start up your recording software. You can use FRAPS or bandicam on windows (both free & simple), or the default QuickTime Player on Mac. The video does not have to have sound. Your FOS needs to be decent and not too laggy or stuttery. The quality of the video must also be acceptable, and the rule breaker's IGN must be clearly visible. If you're gonna submit a full screen video of minecraft in a small window, at 360p, that's most likely going to be insufficient. Once you've recorded the rule breaker in action, upload that video to any decent video sharing website. An obvious and simple choice would be YouTube. Once that's done, just grab the link and fill in the player report form at The report should be sorted by the ban team, and only the ban team, in less than a few days' time. If the report is accepted, the player will be banned.

As you must for screenshot evidence, you will also need to have the video show the full minecraft window; it cannot be cropped. (This helps ensure the full context of the situation is given, and that the incident happened on OPCraft.)

TL;DR No. 2
Type 2 reports are punishments where the first offence of the broken rule would be a /mute of duration >1h, a /ban or a non-Type 1 punishment.

Report Type 2 chat offences to staff in-game by following the Type 1 process.

Report Type 2 non-chat offences by either simply notifying staff in-game just after the rule was broken, or by recording a video, uploading it, and then filling in the report form at Make sure the video is of the full minecraft window with the player's real IGN clearly visible.


Sometimes you may encounter a message telling you not to advertise while attempting to pm a staff member a link of the evidence you have. Simply go into the server that staff member is on, and re-attempt sending your evidence. You will still get the error message telling you not to advertise, but all staff members in that server you are on will be able to see the message you attempted to send. They will thus receive your link.

Also remember absolutely not to PM spam staff members. That is a server offence and your kind effort to report a rule breaker may backfire; you may get punished instead! If they do not reply after a while and you are very certain they are AFK, send your report to a different staff member, this time along with informing them of the AFK staff member. Preferably send this pm to a mod+, so they may directly /kick the AFK staff member.

On the rare occasion where you are very certain a staff member is breaking the rules/abusing, do not report it to any random staff member in-game. First grab your full evidence of them doing so. Then, contact a JrAdmin+, either in a private forum conversation or on Skype (if you have them added). If the staff member in question is already a JrAdmin+, contact the Community Manager or the Owner himself, Serayne, directly either by forum convo or Skype. Serayne's skype can be found in multiple server announcements, but for your convenience, it is: "christopher.raphial".

An important note for reporting all types of spam (Type 1), be it chat spam, PM spam, Tpa Spam etc., you will need video or GIF evidence for that instead of a screenshot. Either that, or you will need a timestamp mod that shows time stamps in chat, and thus in the screenshot. This is because spam is time-sensitive, so for all we know chat may have been dead despite screenshots looking like spam​
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