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Factions Lava: Season 3 | April 20th @ 3PM EST!


Creative & Server Director

Greetings OPCrafters!

I’m pleased to announce that Factions Lava will be releasing this Saturday, April 20 at 3 PM EST. We hope you are excited for an action-packed map!

Trailer Information

Before jumping straight into the post, we suggest watching our trailer to get a feel of what to expect for our upcoming factions season.

Do note that uploading the trailer and achieving 50 views or more on the upload will go ahead and get you a Legendary Crate Key and much more. Read more about our repost rewards and more here.

Realm Information

Factions Lava Release - Season 3: Saturday April 20 @ 3:00 PM EST / 5:00 AM AEST / 8:00 PM BST
  • • 50 man factions
  • • 3-second cannons
  • • No Allies
  • • 30 Chunk Buffers
  • • $2,000 FTOP - $1,000 PayPal, $1,000 Buycraft
  • • Overworld Border: 3,500 x 3,500
  • • Nether Border: 2,500 x 2,500
  • • End Border: 2,500 x 2,500
  • • Mojave Border: 2,500 x 2,500
  • • Abyss World: 250 x 250

Payout Information

The first 6 days of grace period will have no payout. The remaining 14 days will consist of 2 weeks of payouts, one for each week.

Lava Realm

First Place: $500 PayPal & $425 Buycraft
Second Place: $300 PayPal & $255 Buycraft
Third Place: $200 PayPal & $170 Buycraft
Fourth Place: $100 Buycraft
Fifth Place: $50 Buycraft

Note: FTOP winners will be paid out once per week during raiding being enabled. Above you'll find the total amounts of rewards we are issuing to the winners!

Quick Q&A:

If we win, how do we get our payout?
Set your request payout email on the server with the command: /f setpaypal

Server Events

As of this release, we will be starting weekly events. Our team has been working day and night to provide our players with some of the best content available. Below you will the list of events we plan to hold:
  • • Base Competition
    • Raid event
  • • Fortress
  • • Staff vs. Players
  • • Kill The Carrier
  • • Parkour Events
  • • And more…
What’s new on Factions Lava?


All new and revamped prices. Spreadsheet can be found here.

Map Lengths

Maps will now be 20 days in total. This will consist of 6 days of grace period, and 14 days of raiding. To top this off, we will no longer be having downtime between maps. If a map ends on a Friday, you can expect the next release the following day.

Rank Revamp

Ranks will no longer be global on all realms. With that being said, we have taken this opportunity to buff all ranks and lower the overall cost of our ranks and other packages on our store. By now most of you will have noticed that existing donors can redeem their new ranks using the command: /redeem (When using /redeem you will have the ability to redeem new ranks on the realms of your choosing, if you previously had a global rank you will receive 2x the previous ranks value to spend on new ranks!)

We have made the move from global ranks to per-realm ranks for many reasons, a major reason is to provide a better experience to you guys with themed ranks and a more immersive feel on each realm. We have condensed all perks and kits from the old ranks into the per-server ones and have even added some new ones!

You will receive x2.7 what your rank is worth in rank credits so you can purchase the top rank on at least two realms. We are not looking to take away from what you purchased originally with your global rank. The current realms like lava and cloud are finalized and once you buy a rank on there or redeem rank credit for the top rank you will always have it.

The new per-server ranks and your rank credit update will come out sometime during Wednesday, April 17th.

More information can be found under the ranks category over on our store here.


Track the in-game server statistics of anyone on the server including yourself. Includes time online, kills, deaths, time spent AFK, sugarcane broken, and more...

Sand Alts

With a desire to continuously evolve the game mode, we’ve developed a system to make raiding that much more efficient.
  • • Your own server-side account
  • • Prints sand in the selected player selected region
  • • Insert the total amount of in-game money the Sand Alt should posses
  • • Decide on the amount of sand the server side account should print out

Faction Alts

This allows your faction to gain the maximum power they can without filling up space in their member count.

  • • /f alts kick <username>
  • • /f alts join <faction>
  • • /f alts invite <player>
  • • /f alts revoke <player|all>

Spawner Value

To prevent players from hiding wealth away we’ve developed a system that will prevent this. When a spawner is placed, it will only display 10% of its wealth. Every 12 hours it will increase another 10%, taking a total of 5 days to reach 100%. This change will ensure players can’t just mine spawners and place on the last day.

Faction Check Wall

Makes checking walls easier for factions. Instead of using a traditional discord bot, all that can now be done in-game.

  • • /f check wall - open a GUI which will allow you to check times
  • • /f check clear - resets the timer and says walls are clear in faction chat
  • • /f check top - list of how many checks people have done
  • • /f check latest - Shows the last person who checked the walls
  • • /f check walls - shows every /f check, /f check wall done
  • • /f alert - sends a faction message to check the walls for possible intruders

Mojave World

A brand new desert themed world. This is a flat world with a radius of 2,500 x 2,500. The purpose of this world is strictly for an additional 4 corners as well as more room for any faction to build if they decide to do so.

Abyss World

A brand new world created to make PvP much more exciting. Abyss will be the home of the Fortress Event which will be taking place every Saturday. With the ability to obtain nether stars through the placed Silverfish Spawners, we hope to shift the way Factions is played and offer another highly contested world where people need to compete to control.
  • • Permissions will not work in this world
  • • Radius is 250 x 250
  • • Silverfish Spawners drop Nether Stars
  • • Nether Stars sell at $4,000 per one
  • • An end portal is needed to enter this event. On the opposite side of the world, you’ll find the exit portal. You must go through that exit in order to leave the Abyss World.


An event that will take place every Saturday. Fortress is located in the heart of the Abyss World. The idea behind this event is to capture it. In order to win the event, you must take control of the cap-zone and hold it for a combined total of 500 points. Every second that you hold the cap-zone, you will be granted 1 point.
  • • A faction members death will result in -35 points
  • • Your faction can go below 0 and into negative numbers during this event
  • • A player will continue gaining points until he/she has been fully knocked from the point. If a user is knocked and can’t reclaim the cap zone again within 20 seconds, they will begin to lose points, 1 point per second.

Nightmare Event

Gather your faction together and make your way through 10 levels of obstacles. Every level completed will grant you 5 million dollars directly added to your faction bank.
  • • In order to beat each level, you must destroy the core
  • • If you die in this event you will not be allowed back and your items will not be returned
  • • Players must bring their own items to participate
  • • Factions must buy a Nightmare Note which will be a total of $5 million to start the event
  • • This is a timed event, you have 10 mins to complete all 10 levels
  • • Levels include mobs of all kind protecting the core

Other Updates

  • • Staff structure revamp can be found here.
  • • Revamped faction rules/regulations can be found here.
  • • Added a brand new ticket system. Tickets can be made by typing !new or -new in #support. (Join our Discord here)
  • • Added #staff-movements. A discord channel meant to keep our community up to date on the latest promotions, demotions, and resignations.
  • • Added #placements. A brand new channel in discord that shows the current standings in regards to F-TOP or IS-TOP every hour.
  • • Added #changelog. Daily updates will be posted through the utilization of our discord bot. We believe keeping our community well informed about what is going on behind the scenes is extremely important and we will be showcasing it.


If you made it this far, thank you. If you are new to OPCraft, we welcome you. If you are an existing player looking to play this map, thank you for supporting us. On behalf of the management team, we are extremely stoked and proud to present this season of Factions to you all.
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