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fact > fake


[Verse 4]
I'm so sick of poverty,
Everyone is trying to stop me.
What about the robberies happening in the south part,
Of the new term of the word, called kamikaze.
I never properly introduced myself I'm sorry,
I'm machete, & this is a robbery.
I'm stealing all your lyrics, all your snobbery.
I might even steal all of your fucking property.
Out of everything I've ever said and done,
My rage outkilled this one,
This case was closed, buried, and ready to burn.
I let it out of the coffin,
& fucking gave it horns.
I am devious, hell is coming, this isn't meant to be serious.
Premium shit is on the way aswell, that's just tedious.
Even a comedian couldn't cure this delirious,
Mental case, the media is covering,
Well personally me to you I think it's baffling,
How some people can get away with this and that with a slap on the wrists.
While other people get life in jail, for just watching it.
Our life sucks and earth could do so much better,
I might send a letter to Jupiter to come and feather.
Some actual prosperity,
Cause people are dying,
In mass amounts, it looks like charity.
The rarity I come in, holds no Varity,
I'd see matt live, then die to the right side of me.
This shit urks me to say.
I'm not okay,
But no one listens anyway moving another,
That's a subject for another day.
My mind is on a path of destruction,
& that's looking pretty straight.
I'm so sick of this world we live in,
Curled around the globe to be sick,
Then be struck by a lightning virus.
Even if my tides were rising,
I would still not be the one sent down there diving.
I am scared of myself, explains a lot
When ones self, never restrains the clot.
You get cut off, no circulation at all,
This aberration, is something I should not uphold.
But a bug just flew by, & I crushed it's fucking skull.
I guess you could say I'm a psycho,
If that helps you sleep at night,
Maybe even helps you write, I could direct 10 playwrights.
I lost sight of my increasingly long mission.
To put this dead motherfuckers head into submission.
I used to want to offend everyone I think I changed,
I'm a bit more psycho, and a tad bit deranged.
I played fortnite for 5 minutes
and I thought that I was great.
I lost my house, at a fast pace rate.
And for the longest time I could not rehabilitate.
I thought losing julia was the end of me,
But it took that entire experience,
To realize everybody envied me.
& I know it's hard to believe,
I got caught while coming across many deadly,
Semi truck explosions,
I thought I was friendly,
Went to jenny Craig for weight loss.
She told me I fucked her kid, so she replied a lil late,
With something like, fuck off.
So I used my chain saw, cut her arm off,
And ate it while the blades run.
While I went outta town I fucked a hooker named candy.
Came back to HIV, well shit isn't that just dandy.
I wrote a whole ass 9 minute song thinking people would listen.
I have so much shit to say it's hard NOT to listen.
Cause I have you invested and is that my priority?
I prioritized, lost all my superiority.
The majority claims that I die in tyranny.
I regret to inform you, that this ride was cursed.
1 knife to the throat, your new home is a hearse in a church.