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EggMcMuffins Aimbot and reach


Jan 3, 2017
I mean I dont even need to slow down the video, I can already tell he's cheating. This is what I caught and some explanation. Before I get into all of this shit, sneaking does not make your reach higher, It actually makes it worse. You get less reach if you sneak, so that's a fun fact to know. So stop reaching and saying that it makes your reach higher, it only does if you look at his feet even if you do, it wont affect that much. Ok so let go into the details, start of the fight you can see Muffins locking onto Fazk, yes you can say it can be luck or he just move his mouse but we can add that to the sketch list. 0:18-0:19 we can see some hitbox going on 0:22-0:23 we can see reach 0:28-0:29 we can see reach/hitbox and now this is the part which I want the staff and some other players opinion about this short clip Let start at 0:29-0:31 You can slightly see Muffin's head moved a little bit when he enters the aimbot range. There's more but I feel like these are the sketchy part
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