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  1. Arnor

    Completed Ok, lets come to an agreement.

    Hello, I understand your frustration... But all I ask is for you to take a second and realize we admitted what was wrong and we are working very hard too fix that. You might claim it's "unfixable" but nothing is truly ever broken... We are trying our best here too fix the mistakes others have...
  2. Arnor

    The og test
  3. Arnor

    The og test

    Tahir or whatever
  4. Arnor

    Buff ultra damage.

  5. Arnor


  6. Arnor


    Love the blacklisted date timer lmao.
  7. Arnor


    Another thread like this ;/
  8. Arnor


    Who the fuck are you LOL.
  9. Arnor


  10. Arnor

    $20 OPCraft Giveaway

    How about... stop trying to flex on someone trying to do a nice thing...? You need to learn when to speak and when not too, this is not a good time, I suggest you stop being toxic or someone will make you... have a good day.
  11. Arnor

    Who’s the best staff

  12. Arnor

    Should’ve stayed longer... sad too see you go, will deeply miss you and hope the worst of luck...

    Should’ve stayed longer... sad too see you go, will deeply miss you and hope the worst of luck in the future because you left the best Minecraft server EVER!
  13. Arnor

    Player Report - CountlessLs

    Racist.... ????????
  14. Arnor

    List some og's you miss or some old ultra features that you miss.

    I mean no offence but half of the people y’all listed on here aren’t “og” rofl. Just playing the server doesn’t mean you are OG, what makes you og is your reputation back then and shit lol.
  15. Arnor

    Doppler hold the L mate

    At least we don't spend hundreds of dollars in unbans @Shadowplayz123
  16. Arnor

    Wayrest Member Beat By Mom

    Parenting = Beating?
  17. Arnor

    Positivity ;)

    Hey Buddy @Aephox
  18. Arnor

    TheRealWookie Chesting (Reach)

    +1 long ass arms.