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  1. Ismar

    sad times very big gay

    sad times very big gay
  2. Ismar

    What manager would you be?

    gang this im cool for bumping this old thread thats very old and very cool and very dramatically written by apes that love eating dragonflies
  3. Ismar

    Zaarixxx using MiniJumps or bunnyhops at 0:27 slow mode it

    hes using my cock to take you to a skywars map named after Martin Luther the boss, the coolest face fucker in the world.
  4. Ismar


    fuck my supersized vagina
  5. Ismar

    bye bitch

    bye bitch
  6. Ismar

    i remember u

    i remember u
  7. Ismar


    So you would ban him for this but you wouldnt ban yourself while you were blatant as fuck?
  8. Ismar


    +1 more blatant than his ded nan
  9. Ismar

    Auttumn reaching

    +1 ur all idiots this is obvious reach.
  10. Ismar

    666km reach

    high FOV, walks back, kb sword every report ever.
  11. Ismar

    AwCum using blatent reach!!

    -1 pretty sure ur just fucking GARBAGE.
  12. Ismar

    Vrusty Crits

  13. Ismar

    EggMcMuffins Using Blatant Reach!

    can u even aim?
  14. Ismar

    YourDarling using reach :)

    i dont see how 3 seconds of some guy straight lining u proves anything.
  15. Ismar

    Vinology hacks the good one

    ur hitting through obsidian walls...u cant block glitch through them..
  16. Ismar


    u got cocked plain and simple
  17. Ismar


    ^^ i like how both of these are random new members that posted about 5 msgs, not to mention both of them being online 51 minutes ago