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  1. xAlpha

    LonqArms is super legit

    00f that tbh does look really suspicious the way he keeps switching
  2. xAlpha

    Purpendicular Cheating

    This isn’t enough proof for staff to ban someone altough i do believe that this is really fishy and since he always used to cheat i still believe he does.
  3. xAlpha

    JWJack156 Snapping

    WATCH 0:24 at 0.5speed
  4. xAlpha

    JWJack156 Snapping

  5. xAlpha

    JWJack156 headsnap

    He snapped another day aswell unfortunaltly i wasn’t recording though.
  6. xAlpha


  7. xAlpha

    JWJack156 headsnap

    Even the kb...
  8. xAlpha


    Wdym antikb lul i was flying.. and not every hit makes me fly bud that makes sense. Also the lagg was insane. Anyways, have a nice day
  9. xAlpha

    PINCODES Using aura

  10. xAlpha

    Julesx_ Hacking ANOTHER HACKER FFS

    if i had killaura i would instantly stop hitting when you die.
  11. xAlpha

    ALSAF7 Cheating

    If his angle and reach ain't blatant enough for staff let's take a clear look. you can see that everytime he's further then about 4.5blocks away he doesn't swing but when he's at 4 he does this has to do with his killaura swing range and attack range. enough now?
  12. xAlpha

    Julesx_ Hacking ANOTHER HACKER FFS

    I must admit my reach looks fishy af. then note that i was strafing like the whole time and u just couldn't hit me. on your channel you said i was autoclicking again no idea why you would think that, hitboxes i don't really see how you would bring that up either besides hitboxes get confused...
  13. xAlpha

    ALSAF7 Killaura

  14. xAlpha

    NashxTastic hacking

  15. xAlpha

    JZillaMan12 Killaura

  16. xAlpha

    LondonBalz Modified KB

    His kb is like that all the time being legit and taking less kb is just sometimes
  17. xAlpha

    LondonBalz Modified KB

  18. xAlpha

    WeDo69 Reaching

  19. xAlpha

    WeDo69 Reaching

    Then let's hope his final hit is blatant enough as to me it is