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  1. J

    Why reset forums

    We could. just not worth the work required. All we'd be restoring is like 40% general-discussion shit post.
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    SB 😈
  3. J

    discord ban appeal

    You aren't banned.
  4. J

    if i could be unbanned

    Unbanned. Be respectful please. Best, Julian
  5. J

    Discord Ban Appeal

    Unbanned If you advertise servers in PM again, you'll be permanently blacklisted from all of our services. Best, Julian
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  7. J

    Demon time

    Demon time
  8. J

    Welcome to our forums!

    Hi all, We're still working on getting the forums back up and running to 100%, obviously, our focus is the network currently. Stay updated with progress and be the first to know when the network revamp is releasing at Much love, Julian O.
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