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  1. GangS

    wow taxes

    damn straight
  2. GangS


    1. know that this isn't real opcraft 2. pray to your iceytv shrine 3. spam in chat 4. be excessively racist 24/7 5. be extra toxic to staff and new players to push them away 6. dupe as much as possible 7. hack on kids non stop 8. Spam L in chat when u get a kill 9. bUild lots of lag machines 10...
  3. GangS

    wow taxes

    I'm not racist if the only race is white
  4. GangS

    Why reset forums

    stupid mother fuckers said closed, well I opened it
  5. GangS

    Why reset forums

    I fucking started with the store okay
  6. GangS

    Why reset forums

  7. GangS

    wow taxes

  8. GangS

    wow taxes

    n i g g e r
  9. GangS

    demoted inactivity

    demoted inactivity
  10. GangS

    I'm still important 😌

    title says it all 😌
  11. GangS

    Why reset forums

    let's start a riot
  12. GangS

    Why reset forums

    fr and threads got mass deleted before and people were triggered and I don't blame em tbh I had memories on here
  13. GangS

    Why reset forums

  14. GangS

    Everyone Who Comments Is Gay!

    mine is I make ur sis give brain on the low
  15. GangS


  16. GangS

    indeed predilection

    indeed predilection
  17. GangS

    discord ban appeal

    yes who u
  18. GangS

    most important thread on

    be nice kidds
  19. GangS

    no u

    no u
  20. GangS

    Opcraft still down??

    you're an obese retard neck yourself xox