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  1. PhoneCord

    A new series?

    Watch till the end! I want to know if people would like to see a staff series! (:
  2. PhoneCord

    What manager would you be?

    Hello! The question says it all! I want to know what type of manager you guys would want to be if you were staff/in the future if you are currently a staff member. Forums Manager: This manager does appeals/player report's that aren't staff player reports. The staff member's apart of this role...
  3. PhoneCord

    This NEEDS to stop!

    Hello! As the title says, I want to put an end to the "Ping Spoofing" meme. This can get VERY annoying on other's walls/profiles (and or some staff have been doing it) and it is very popular. I believe that it should end because it is just overused at this point. An example of something that is...
  4. PhoneCord

    I’m back!

    Hello! As the title says I am back on opc and will be active and I am back on the staff team!! If you ever need my help in-game feel free to pm me! If you have any questions etc don’t feel afraid to @ me in discord! Only @ me for emergency’s not trolls etc. Also I am 15 years old, I love...
  5. PhoneCord

    Hoku’s Q & A!

    Hello everyone! I am Hoku and I am a helper here on OPCraft. I seem to find that not many people know me and I haven’t really done something like this to where I can be hands on with the community. So I have created this Q & A! The rules for this Q & A are as follows: Anything you want to know...
  6. PhoneCord

    Hoku’s introduction

    hello everyone! As most of you know I am an OPCraft helper, I was accepted as a helper last week. (1 week from now is when I got accepted) feel free to follow me and interact with me in-game! Thank you and have a good day/night