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Recent content by Julesx_

  1. Julesx_

    LonqArms is super legit

    00f that tbh does look really suspicious the way he keeps switching
  2. Julesx_

    Purpendicular Cheating

    This isn’t enough proof for staff to ban someone altough i do believe that this is really fishy and since he always used to cheat i still believe he does.
  3. Julesx_

    JWJack156 Snapping

    WATCH 0:24 at 0.5speed
  4. Julesx_

    JWJack156 Snapping

  5. Julesx_

    JWJack156 headsnap

    He snapped another day aswell unfortunaltly i wasn’t recording though.
  6. Julesx_


  7. Julesx_

    JWJack156 headsnap

    Even the kb...
  8. Julesx_


    Wdym antikb lul i was flying.. and not every hit makes me fly bud that makes sense. Also the lagg was insane. Anyways, have a nice day
  9. Julesx_

    PINCODES Using aura

  10. Julesx_

    Julesx_ Hacking ANOTHER HACKER FFS

    if i had killaura i would instantly stop hitting when you die.
  11. Julesx_

    ALSAF7 Cheating

    If his angle and reach ain't blatant enough for staff let's take a clear look. you can see that everytime he's further then about 4.5blocks away he doesn't swing but when he's at 4 he does this has to do with his killaura swing range and attack range. enough now?
  12. Julesx_

    Julesx_ Hacking ANOTHER HACKER FFS

    I must admit my reach looks fishy af. then note that i was strafing like the whole time and u just couldn't hit me. on your channel you said i was autoclicking again no idea why you would think that, hitboxes i don't really see how you would bring that up either besides hitboxes get confused...
  13. Julesx_

    ALSAF7 Killaura

  14. Julesx_

    NashxTastic hacking