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Recent content by 1835 Alt

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    Please just delete the server already

    finally someone i can agree wit
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    OPCraft Suggestions - A Thread.

    😳 😳
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    OPCraft Suggestions - A Thread.

    First off. Get a fucking anti grief plugin you lazy apes. That is all. Leave comments if u'd like.
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    server got hacked bruh moment

    rip opcraft prisons
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    Opcraft suggestion

    +1 they should just redo the ranks entirely
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    If you're a real og

    jesus the old staff manager tag hitting different :( (and looks so much fucking better then the one it is now)
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    reply if u have a fat pp

    if u dont have a fat pp stay away this is for fat pp people only (no females allowed) [transgenders welcome]
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    Looking For Old Friend

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    Looking For Old Friend

    potDelete clown LUL
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    What makes an OG?

    why is this post still being viewed