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06 Aug
OPCraft Revamp M

opcraft discord banner.png

Hey everyone,

It has finally arrived! OPCraft 3.0 is finally here and we hope you are as excited as we are for the start of a new adventure. The release will be at 5PM EST on Saturday the 15th of August and will open with Skyblock, Prison, and KitPvP.

We have completely revamped the Hub server for a fresh new look when players join the server whilst also going back to the more classic Hub build! We feel that the old Hub looked far nicer and was much more in line with how the server should feel, and we hope you feel the same.

We're open to adding plenty of new features to the Hub so make sure to put your suggestions in on our
Discord and we'll work on implementing the most popular ideas.
This is a large concern for a lot of players, and we hope to calm those who are worrying. We concluded that the previous rank structure had too many ranks in it, which lead to plenty of confusion and a small differential between each rank...
28 Jun
Welcome to our Forums! Arnor
Hi all,
We're still working on getting the forums back up and running to 100%, obviously, our focus is the network currently.

Stay updated with progress and be the first to know when the network revamp is releasing at

Much love,
Arnoor C.

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Opcraft is gone, but the memories will never be forgotten. Rest Well OPCRAFT :(
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old op-craft shall never return. Reminisce about the good old days.

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