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Creative Uncapped
icecraftsurvival OwnerUser posted 9 days ago.
Creative has been uncapped!
This was mainly just done in good spirit. 
YES, It is a permanent change. Please stop asking me xD

Thanks for reading... if you read this! :D
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OPCraft is alive & well!
icecraftsurvival OwnerUser posted 15 days ago.
Hey guys! So it's been a couple days since we reset for 1.8, and OPCraft is looking GREAT! We have patched most of the glitches (Please report any glitches you have found to [email protected]and OPCraft is essentially stable currently. We are updating plugins as new updates are released, to keep things extremely tuned down lag and latency wise. We have changed some things with our connection because Canadian and Australian users were having issues connecting, so if you were having issues before it should be all good now!

As i said, all is good, today is friday (Well.... it's 2:08AM here but still friday! :D) and i will probably we livestreaming tonight at http://www.twitch.tv/mriceybreeze so if you have time, please stop by and watch the stream and talk to me! :P I will be streaming (MOST LIKELY) OPCraft, CS:GO, and other fun games of that sort. 

Anyways guys, glad the server is doing well, please have a good weekend! :)
We hope to see you on OPCraft!
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OPCraft 1.8 Reset is TODAY!
icecraftsurvival OwnerUser posted 18 days ago.

Hi guys! It's your fearless leader Ice here. 

Just making you all aware it can take up to 12 hours for us to reset, due to Building, configuring, and testing. 

So anyways, the poll to reset today won. 
We're actually 17 minutes left! Results are below!

You can always still vote, but the results above are the final results. 

Here's to OPCraft 1.8! :)

Adios guys, cya on OPCraft 1.8 hopefully in a few hours. 
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OPCraft Updating To 1.8?!
icecraftsurvival OwnerUser posted 19 days ago.
Hey guys! So i'm going to TRY to keep this short....

We plan to reset (to full 1.8 blocks / terrain) either today, December 1st, or in 1-2 weeks. Vote at the link. 


And please don't ask "CAN WE KEEP OUR ENDERCHESTS? PLAYERVAULTS? PLOTS?" save yourself the time. The answer to all is No, and will remain No. When we do a reset for 1.8, it will be a slight reconstructure so we will not want all those old items floating around, therefor EVERYTHING will be resseting in the event of the 1.8 reset. Anyways, please vote. We will be resseting before you know! (Depending on results, December 1st (today) or in 1-2 weeks.) Poll ends December 1st @ 2:00PM PST USA Time. Vote peeps. 

Peace yo,
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Hi guys! So basically our ranks system crashed today and we are unsure, so we will be doing daily backups of our users.yml from now on.... But if you did indeed lose a rank you can email us at [email protected] with your in game name and we will sort it out for you almost instantly. If you're an old donor that donated before 10/21 you shouldn't be affected, but if you donated in between the time of this post and that date, you may not have your rank and should contact [email protected] with your in game name to get it back. 

Sorry this happened guys, but at least we fixed it! :) 
It won't happen again, rest assured.  

(Please also note this won't affect future donations, don't let this stop you from donating! No matter what if you donate you WILL recieve your rank. :)
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CO-Owner voting!
icecraftsurvival OwnerUser posted 2 months ago.
=14pxWe've been made aware that OPCraft is in need of a co-owner... so we have decided to throw together a strawpoll! I've also put my opinions on each candidate below. ;)

=14pxBanksAegis - Older staff member, level headed, good judgement and for the most part has a dynamic view on things, has been with us for over a year. 
=14pxewanfairfull - Younger staff member, very active on the server, has been with us for over 3-4 months. 
=14pxZythan99 - One of ices closest companions, has known ice since he was 9, has been with OPCraft since the start. 

=14pxVote here! - http://strawpoll.me/2844778
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Dawnzeh Demoted...
icecraftsurvival OwnerUser posted 3 months ago.
Hello guys, please forgive me if this is too long for you to read, but let me explain why our old Co-Owner, Dawnzeh, has been demoted. 

Me and Dawn were great friends, still are, hopefully, since the beggining, and me and him had loads of fun together on OPCraft and such. 

What i'm trying to tell you is that while some of you May be mad dawn has demoted, it doesn't match up to how sad and awkward it was for me to demote him...

Dawn came to me 1-2 months ago, asking if he could be paid, for those of you wondering, yes! From the OPCraft Donations. I explained to him with Taxes, and everything else i have to deal with, paying him would be kinda a nightmare... 

Not to mention, for those of you who are not familiar with me, i am known as icecraftsurvival, i own the server, manage the servers Dedicated Hosting Server, DDOS Protection, and everything the server has to do with... All of this is ran by me. 

So when dawn asked for payment for the first time, i was honestly offended. 

Don't let this get in your way though, this is only one part of why he was demoted. 

About a week or two ago, i was talking to a Young Lady on Skype about being Moderator on OPCraft, then one day, she messaged me extremely sad and said, I was banned for putting a smiley face in chat.... I asked "By Whom?" and she told me Dawnzeh had done it. 

I opened up our logs, and ban list, and she was indeed correct. Dawnzeh had banned her for putting a Smiley face in chat. 

So today, i awoke and opened up our Bans, along with logs, again to check what dawn has been doing, if hes improving, etc...

First thing i noticed is several bans like this one: 

    BannedBy: Dawnzeh
    Reason: AIDS
    Time: 09-15-2014 21:44:47

These 4 lines from our Ban systems YML file would suggest that Dawnzeh banned collbob2 for Aids.. This is extremely NOT OKAY, and got me thinking about Dawnzehs actions again. Not to mention, over 30 of his bans there was no reason specified, which is a horrible offense to have in the first place, many OPCraft staff have been demoted for not specifying a reason, GREAT staff, from years of playing OPCraft have been demoted for this, because we put so much stock into our players. 

Several years ago, SurfSpawn asked me what i thought, i was only 13, i had a large Minecraft server, 100-200 people on at a time... I told him it was amazing and that when i finally realized i was making peoples days by providing them with a Fun place to be on Minecraft, and a loving and friendly community. 

SurfSpawn to this day sticks to this analogy, each of our players is a Jewel. You cannot simply Randomly ban Jewels, or even abuse Jewels, you are to keep Jewels safe and sound in a extremely safe place. 

I've always stuck to that, i see our community as one large Jewel, when people randomly take pieces of that Jewel away (Players), thats when i step up and say enough is enough. We knew confronting Dawn would be better but he is 100% aware and okay of the demote. So yes, Dawnzeh was indeed demoted. 

We understand you may be sad, but please don't go rioting all over the forums or even in game, this was a sad occurance for all of us and we'd like to leave it in the past.

Thanks guys,
Much Love,
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New PvPer of the week! :D
icecraftsurvival OwnerUser posted 3 months ago.
So i have decided, we will be doing this each Monday of each week. Picking an OPCraft PvPer of the Week! :D Anyways, the Rank 1 KDR PvPer will be posted up here. :P 
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Twinkie_Fantisy5 was demoted.
icecraftsurvival OwnerUser posted 3 months ago.
Hello guys, as many of you know, today, Twinkie_Fantisy5, one of our great Owners, was indeed demoted. It is sad that this had to happen and that it came to this, but i (Ice) have given him many warnings and he didn't take any of them to have a heart to heart with me and tell me that he actually was sorry for abusing, and admited to it. 

Basically we checked logs and some other files and realized Twinkie was banning people for illegitimate reasons such as calling him a name, or even just asking to talk to him. These people will be unbanned accordingly, if you claim to be a victim of Twinkies Ban abuse you can still just appeal for an unban like a normal player would. 

Anyways, this always sucks needing to demote an Owner, especially when it's because of their own Ignorance. 
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OPCraft has been reset!
icecraftsurvival OwnerUser posted 3 months ago.
Hey guys! Most of you know/knew, OPCraft has been reset for 1.8. The server is not officially 1.8 yet, but it is now possible for us to populate 1.8 blocks when the CraftBukkit build for 1.8 is out, so thats a big +. I know this is only about 3 months after the last reset, and we don't like to do short maps like that, but the only reason we REALLY reset this time was to prepare for 1.8 and support the new blocks, mobs, etc....

Anyways, you should all be able to use 1.8 blocks soon, love you all!

Also, many people ask right after the reset, when will the NEXT reset be? Were hoping to make this a LONG lasting map, so we won't reset again for 6-7 months, HOPEFULLY! :D
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