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Hello fellow OPCraft members!

So, some of you have wondering what happened to your forums posts for today? Well, what happened was the forums database was corrupted, in turn causing the forums to slightly rollback to 11/08/2015 at 12am EST. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you and we encourage you to re-post your threads. We have resolved this issue and it will not happen again. Thank you guys for your patience!

by Charles at 4:51 PM
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Hey everyone,

We would like to let you all know that we will be resetting the bans on October 30th, 12AM EST. So if you've been waiting to be unbanned now is your chance! That doesn't mean that you can go crazy the day before and get yourself banned ;). Enjoy!

Have a great Halloween everyone!

We also have a 35% sale going on right now!
Check out our donation store for more information!

by Ice at 2:46 AM
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Hey guys! Ice here today bringing you guys a little update. I'll try to keep this short and sweet! Basically this weekend we're gonna have some pretty large YouTubers on, we're hoping it brings player count up a little bit, or even a lot! :D We also have had some pretty BIG demotions... but we won't talk too much about that, as we like to focus on the future and not the past. Anyways, there seems to be some doubt around the people we demote, and we want to assure you all that everyone that is demoted has been demoted for a good reason / for the greater good. We do not allow "Drama threads" as we call them, which is basically users running around the forums talking crap left and right about how "This demotion was false" or "They should have done that", we're just trying to get by and focus on the future, guys. Anyone who focuses on that old drama or nit-picky stuff really needs to get a life and open up their eyes. If you don't like OPCraft, or you hate on it, don't play on...
by Ice at 2:35 AM
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Hello guys! I'm gonna keep this short - Basically we feel that 99 player vaults is too much for on OP Factions, so we'll be lowering the cap to 11, ONLY ON OP FACTIONS, which is how many the Exotic rank will be getting.

If you want to see how many PV's your rank will have, if you have one, just check BuyCraft. It should be updated shortly.

Basically, this also means any PV's after 11 will be locked after the next reboot, so if you have gear in those, GET IT OUT IMMEDIATELY!!! THIS ONLY APPLIES TO OP FACTIONS!!!

Ultras max PV's will remain at 99, as it is indeed Ultra OP.... Nothing will change on Ultra PV's wise.

Now about the sethomes updates.... we'll be changing the max sethomes from unlimited on both Ultra & OP Factions to 99 sethomes, only because having unlimited anything does make take a toll on the server, & uses TONS of data.

The sethomes update really isn't a big deal, for anyone, but the PV's thing is a little more worrying for some.
Hope you...
by Charles at 3:54 AM
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NEW Development Updates on OPCraft!

Hello everyone,

Over the past few weeks, we have been putting a lot of precious time and effort on the development of OPCraft. So here I am, giving you a quick break down of what has happened and what is in store for the future of OPCraft. As most of you already know, we recently reset the map of Ultra OP Factions, and with the reset, came a huge new spawn and war zone area for lots of new and unique PvP experience. Along with the reset of Ultra OP Factions, we will be release new content onto our network for all of the community to enjoy!

Crate Drops!
This feature has been a whisper in the back of our head’s for some time now, and we have finally decided to go fourth with it!...
by Charles at 9:01 PM
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NEW Summer Updates on OPCraft!

Hey everyone,

Today marks the first official day of summer! I wanted to make a news post to explain our current development status, and where we are headed for the months to come. We have achieved so much in the last 5 months since Ice brought me aboard. Ice and I have perfected almost every single detail in-game, and we are now even more proud to stand on our feet and say we run OPCraft.

We have tons of content that will be released during this summer, I cannot go into much detail at this time, but I would like to list some of the things we plan to do here for you guys to see.

We will be:
  • Revamping the store descriptions, and then creating a custom store theme.
  • Releasing more game modes...
by Ice at 7:05 PM
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Hey guys! Ice here today, just bringing you baes a quick update!

We have FINALLY released OP Prison!
Regardless of any troubles we had with Staff & such, we ended up releasing on the same time we planned, with EVEN MORE FEATURES than we originally expected!

We did this thanks to a private build team, & our amazing developer @Charles

This release has been one of our best so far, we hit 550 players the day of release & if this contunies growing so fast, we are looking at 700-900 players on during summer days!

The growth is crazy, and you guys are the ones fueling it!

Thanks much for all the support, guys. Glad this release went good.

by Ice at 11:13 AM
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Hey guys! Just wanted to let you all know we have added in the two awaited plugins & are happy to announce they appear to be working fine! If you wish to learn anything about the new updates, you can click the link --->

Give us feedback! Also tell us how you're enjoying it! :)
by Ice at 11:19 PM
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Hello OPCraft!

We listened to you guys & took extreme measures to get rid of the Hackers on OPCraft.
Please check out the updated rules below.
by Ice at 7:16 PM
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Hey guys! Just heard alot of people are having issues with the website.
The link below may help you!