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Dear YouTubers and Members of OPCraft,
A new tournament is upon us! In this 2nd Officially Run OPCraft Tournament, YouTubers will be fighting to the death in order to win the title of best PvPer and a grand prize! The requirement is 50 subscribers, and you must be able to prove the YouTube channel is yours.

When is the Tournament?
Saturday, April 18, 2015 @ 2PM EST

How do I sign up?
You must first upload a video of OPCraft ( to your channel that shows your in game name, and that must match the username you sign up with. Then, use the following form to apply for a spot in the tournament:


  • Absolutely no hacking (Staff will be spectating the tournament)
  • You may not attempt to...
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Hello Staff & Players! This post is to inform you of a new big update in OPCraft news! If you have any questions, fill free to comment below and it will be answered as soon as possible!

There has been a new owner appointed to OPCraft! @Irishmafiawku or NoChillIrish has become the latest member of the OPCraft leadership team. I know that this happened yesterday, however, I thought it would be nice to have an official thread congratulating Irish and informing the community. Be sure to send him your own congratulations (without spamming him)!

Current Members of the Leadership Team:
- IceyTV: Founder and Network Owner
- TwistedArk: Network Co-Owner
- NoChillIrish: Network Co-Owner

As said, put your comment/congratulations below!
Have a nice day! :)
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Hello person reading this, & welcome to the OPCraft Forums! Before i start out, you may be wondering, why wasn't there a post here for the longest time?! Well, it's simple. We wanted to perfect the forums & the new reset before starting on more in-depth forum content, & here we are! Our first Official News Post! Let's keep it short & sweet!

As i said in the post, we could basically call OPCraft "Perfected" right now.
BUTTTTT, there are a few things we are definitely working on that will help you & us out....
We plan to create an NPC shop with ALL & yes i do mean ALL items in Minecraft available for purchase.... basically you would right click the NPC & click through it's inventory until you find what you want to buy & you click to buy it / sell it. Great idea, right?! Well we're still looking into the whole thing & price balancing, etc, so we cannot promise it but we can tell you that we are definitely researching & working on it.

The other big thing, is the OPCraft Hub...