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Happy Valentine's Day!

CharlesVien456 aDeveloper posted 4 hours ago

Hey guys! 


We are going to start doing a news post each week on Friday with all of the new changes and optimizations we've mad to the server throughout the week, starting today!.... even though it's a Sunday! :D 

Anyways, things are listed below that have been Changed / Added, & we also added a cool little surprise for you guys for the Valentines Day update! :D The update basically makes it so when you shoot another user with a bow it has a heart effect, so go spread the love! :3 

Roster Promotions:

  • New Developer (Charles)
  • New CoOwner (Dawnzeh)
  • New CommunityManager (BanksAegis) 

Plugin Updates / Changes:

  • OPClearLag added (ClearLag replacement plugin, more optimizations, cleaner code, etc..)
  • OPLag added (/lag displays TPS of the server)
  • Scoreboard added (Scoreboard contains little useful details about your status on OPCraft and is displayed on the right side of your screen)
  • OPList added (Displays a custom /list GUI in chat instead of the shitty Essentials one)
  • OPSocialMedia added (Grabs the Owner / CoOwners latest YouTube videos & Twitter feed & posts it in the public chat)
  • OPBounty added (Plugin that uses /bounty as a base command, which is a plugin where you can place bounties on people in game with in game money)
  • NameTagEdit added (Plugin that changes a users username that is displayed above their head once a bounty is placed.)
  • Many small updates / changes...


Network / Hardware Changes:

  • Switched from ProxyPipe to MineCDN for main Proxy host.
  • Switched from ReliableSite to Secured Servers for main Server host.
  • Many small updates / changes...


I hope you guys enjoy all these new changes! Make sure to leave a comment with your thoughts about all of these new updates. :)

Hey guys! Ice here, so i basically got into a little debate with the host of our old forums & per my own decision; we made the big switch to Enjin! This site looks much more beautiful though, so we should be fine! :) Anyways, please feel free to make some posts, were always welcoming new posts, users, & anything that will help the server / forums!

Have a good day!
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