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icecraftsurvival aOwner
icecraftsurvival @ OPCraft
posted Jan 9, 15
Hey guys! Ice here, so i basically got into a little debate with the host of our old forums & per my own decision; we made the big switch to Enjin! This site looks much more beautiful though, so we should be fine! :) Anyways, please feel free to make some posts, were always welcoming new posts, users, & anything that will help the server / forums!

Have a good day!
robomonkey12 OMFG ICe lol hurry on the SPAWn lol ill help if so
ZombieCraftRuler YO YO GUYS ITS ZYDONALD ON YOUTUBE Here is my custopm texture pack!!!! http://www.mediafire.com/download/7zbeo9ot2fpdv88 ...
KillerKids55 hay I was wondering why their is no gamemode creative